Hurricane Hardware Packages

All new garage doors in Pinellas and Pasco County are required to be hurricane rated doors. Each garage door manufacturer has their own hardware packages that make their doors meet the Florida Building Code (FBC). Every three years, the FBC changes. Currently, the 2017 building code requires doors to meet 145 MPH winds in Pinellas County. Be sure your choice of doors meets the
newest version of the building code.

Here at Genie of Clearwater, we suggest you consider going to an impact rated garage door when replacing your existing door. The reasons are twofold. First, many insurance companies give homeowners discounts on their insurance rates if they install impact rated materials in their house. They will not give any discounts if you install non-impact rated hurricane materials. Second, impact rated doors tend to have wind pressures well above the existing Florida Building Code minimums as well as meeting “flying debris” impact criteria. Therefore, when the code changes in the next three years, your door will most likely still exceed the new requirements.

Special Note:

Beware of companies who offer retrofit hurricane packages. If they cannot produce a Florida Product Approval drawing showing their product on your existing brand and model of door, that package will not pass inspection. Furthermore your insurance company and the municipality in which you live will not recognize your door as hurricane approved.