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Genie of Clearwater services and installs garage doors right the first time. Garage door installation is a job that should be left to the professionals, because of the dangers associated with heavy doors and high tension.

Call Genie (727) 446-0189 or "Contact Genie" by email, and we will schedule a service call in some cases the same day. When we come to your house we will inspect your door to see if it simply needs repair or if you do indeed need a new door installed.

New garage doors can increase your home’s curb appeal and equity/value, so there are many reasons to upgrade beyond convenience and safety. Included in our basic garage door installation is everything from taking the first measurements to hauling off the old door, along with cleanup and final inspection of the completed job with the customer.

Our technicians are employees, not uninsured contractors, so you can be sure that the highest standards are being upheld during the entire installation process. We strive to give you the best deal and leave you with the peace of mind your door has been installed safely and correctly.

Genie of Clearwater is your local garage door installation expert.

Give Genie of Clearwater a call today to get started.

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